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My Father's Child

By Devon Thompson

Am I My Fathers Child?

Let Me Pause And Think For A While

Before I Answer

Let Me Warn Your Hearts With One Of His Smile

Yes I Am, In Every Sense Of The Word

I Am My Fathers Child


He Didn’t Have Riches

He Didn’t Have Fame

But HIs Principles And Moral

Are Both One Of The Same

If You Didn’t Understand

You Would Hear Him Say,

What I’m Saying

But Let Me Tell You This

In My Own Way


He Was A Fighter To The End

Defying The Odds Time And Time Again

Teaching His Kids How To Survive

Holding On To Dreams And Belief

With Principle As Our Guide


Our Friends Would Often Feel His Wrath

Coming To Visit They Sometimes Had To

Cross His Path

Then They Would Know

They Must Wear A Top

As My Father Would Say,

You’re Naked

And Your Visit Would Come To A Stop


Whatever He Did, It Was Done With Pride

Always Thinking About Family

His God By His Side

We Made Him Proud

As He Would Usually Say To His Friends

When We Meet,

This Is My Son, My Daughter

With A Delightful Smile On His Cheek


He Was Firm And Resolute

But I’m Sure He Loved His All

This Is The Man I Emulate

Short In Statue

But In Life He Stood Very Tall

He Worked And Gave Us What He Had

His Destiny Was His Faith

If Given A Chance To Change My Life

They Is Nothing I would Change

I Am Very Proud To Be

My Fathers Child

I’ll Live By His Principles

His Faith Will Be My Guide.

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