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An Education for Every Child

The Clifton George Thompson Scholarship Foundation is committed to the dream of an education for every child, and with your help we can make that dream come true.

About Us

The Clifton George Thompson Scholarship Foundation is defined by our eight values:

    Family - Creating opportunities to build lives through serving.
    Education - Investment in lifelong learning.
    Accountability -  Good stewardship and transparency.

Leadership - Listening and learning to build communities.
    Service - Helping others sincerely and freely. 
   Responsiveness-  Being open minded, and meeting the needs of colleges, universities, and employers. 
  Dedication and Teamwork-  Empowering and supporting students to ensure their success.

Our Mission

To equip future leaders, living in inner city communities, with the necessary resources to achieve their educational objectives, through partnerships with stakeholders. 

Our Vision

To initiate academic opportunities for future leaders in every community. 

Help Out!

Find out how you can be a bigger part of helping children receive the education they need.

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